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MS EXCEL (Level 1 - For Beginners)

Freshers / Beginners who are looking to grab a hold of MS-EXCEL (basics), this is the module you should go for. Starting from scratch, we will go onto creating a long-lasting interest in MS-EXCEL and learn a lot of short-cuts during the sessions. Broadly, these sessions comprise of the following topics : Microsoft Excel Fundamentals, Entering and Editing - Text and Formulas, Working with Basic Excel Functions, Modifying an Excel Worksheet along with Sorting and Filtering.

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  • Laptop / MAC-Book, Speed - At least 2 GHz, Storage - Minimum 10 GB, Windows 7 or higher / Windows XP, MS Office Suite (Office 365 / 2013 or higher), Good Wi-Fi connection, Additional Stationary (like notebook / paper, pen etc.).



Microsoft Excel Fundamentals :

-- Launching Excel

-- Introduction to the Excel Interface

-- Customizing the Excel Quick-Access Toolbar

-- Understanding the Structure of an Excel Workbook

-- Saving an Excel Document

-- Opening an Existing Excel Document

Common Excel Shortcut Keys (would be taken in all the sessions)


Entering and Editing - Text and Formulas :

-- Entering Text to Create Spreadsheet Titles

-- Working with Numeric Data in Excel

-- Entering Date Values in Excel

-- Working with Cell References

-- Data Linking within Workbooks and Worksheets

-- Creating Basic Formulas in Excel

-- Relative Versus Absolute Cell References in Formulas

-- Understanding the Order of Operation (BODMAS)


Working with Basic Excel Functions :

-- The structure of an Excel Function

-- Working with the SUM() Function

-- Working with the MIN() and MAX() Functions

-- Working with the AVERAGE() Function

-- Working with the COUNT() Function

-- Using the AutoSum Command

-- Using the AutoFill Command to Copy Formulas

-- Usage of IF Function


Modifying an Excel Worksheet :

-- Moving and Copying Data in an Excel Worksheet

-- Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns

-- Changing the Width and Height of the Cells

-- Hiding and Unhiding - Excel Rows and Columns

-- Deleting an Excel Worksheet

-- Renaming an Excel Worksheet

-- Moving and Copying the Excel Worksheet


Sorting and Filtering :

-- Sort Function

-- Sorting with Single / Multiple Column(s) / Function(s)

-- Custom Sorting

-- Filtering the Data

-- Advanced Filter Technique


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About the Teacher

About the Teacher

I am Manish Lamba (An Engineer & an MBA) from Aamchi Mumbai (the good old BOMBAY).
I have more than 13 years of Training Expertise & 8 + years of Corporate Experience.
All of my Training Experience is into Microsoft Suites, like MS Excel (Basic & Advanced - VBA & Macros) along with Entrance Exam Training (taking care of Quants / LR / DI / Verbal), with the latest tie-up with NM College (Mumbai).
I am also into Private Tutoring from 8th Std. till 12th For ISC, CBSE, SSC Boards - taking care of Maths, Science & English.
I am associated with ITM (Kharghar & Dombivili) for more than 3 years for their Excel & Advanced Excel Course - completed 14 batches (training on ADVANCED EXCEL - was always my major throughout my corporate tenure as well). My latest Association's would be Tata Motor's & Edelweiss Securities, where I have conducted Trainings for 3 Batches each and D. D. Vispute College (Panvel) - 40 Hour Course - for their students who were interested in learning Automation in EXCEL through MACROS.
I have also taken Courses in AMITY University - like Financial Modeling & Simulation, Business Statistics and Operational Research & Research Methods along with Behavioral & Soft Skills Training.
I am more inclined towards Online Training where the concepts can be taught more thoroughly through the use of Presentations. I was Associated with Mahesh Tutorials for their 11th Std. Robomate - Video Tutorials for many chapters in Maths.

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