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MS EXCEL (Level 3 - Advanced)

Professionals who are working and are interested to have a command on MS-EXCEL (advanced), then this is the module you should go for. As a trainer, we expect that professionals should go through with the contents of the previous two modules - so that there is no ambiguity in the thought of both, the trainer and the participant. Starting from where we left in our previous module (i.e. Text Based Functions), we will extend our reach to the final leg of MS-EXCEL, i.e. AUTOMATION - to empower ourselves with the sole motive of saving ample amount of time. We will definitely work on a lot of day-to-day cases / dashboards during these sessions as well. Broadly, these sessions comprise of the following topics : Date Function(s), Financial Functions, Working with Excel's Lookup Functions, Data Validation, Text To Column, What If Analysis, Pivot Table, Excel Macros - Overview, Excel Macros - VBA, Macros in a Single Workbook, Assigning Macros to Objects, Running A Macro, Macro Editor, Debugging a Code.

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  • Laptop / MAC-Book, Speed - At least 2 GHz, Storage - Minimum 10 GB, Windows 7 or higher / Windows XP, MS Office Suite (Office 365 / 2013 or higher), Good Wi-Fi connection, Additional Stationary (like notebook / paper, pen etc.)


Date Function(s) :

-- Using Excel's DATE() Function

-- Using Excel's DAYS() Function

-- Using Excel's WEEKDAY() Function

-- Using Excel's EOMONTH() Function

-- Using Excel's EDATE() Function

-- Using Excel's WEEKNUM() Function

-- Using Excel's YEARFRAC() Function


Financial Functions :

-- Using Excel's PV() Function

-- Using Excel's FV() Function

-- Using Excel's PMT() Function

-- Using Excel's RATE() Function

-- Using Excel's NPER() Function


Working with Excel's Lookup Functions :

-- Using Excel's VLOOKUP() Function 

-- Using Excel's HLOOKUP() Function 

-- Using Excel's INDEX() Function

-- Using Excel's MATCH() Function


Data Validation :

-- Introduction to  Data Validation

-- Removing Duplicates

-- Error Alert using Data Validation


Text To Column :

-- Text to Column Approach


What If Analysis :

-- "Go-To" Command

-- Analysis Toolkit

-- Goal Seek

-- Scenario Manager

-- Data Table


Pivot Table and it's Features:

-- Creating and Working with Pivots

-- Creating a Pivot Report

-- Features of Pivot like Grouping, Ungrouping

-- Options in the Value-Field Setting

-- Using Slicers

-- Connecting Slicers

-- Analyzing and Modifying a PivotTable

-- Calculations in Pivots

-- Creating and Working with Pivot Charts

-- Linking Charts to Slicers


Excel Macros - Overview :

-- Creating A Macro

-- Recording a Macro

-- Running a Macro

-- Storing a Macro

-- Saving a Macro Enabled File


Excel Macros - VBA :

-- Developer Tab & Commands on the Ribbon

-- VBA Editor / Projects Explorer

-- Viewing a Macro Code in VBA Editor

-- Understanding the Recorded Actions as Parts of Code


Macros in a Single Workbook :

-- Saving Macros in Personal Macro Workbook

-- Hiding / Unhiding Personal Macro Workbook

-- Adding / Deleting Macros in Personal Macro Workbook


Assigning Macros to Objects :

-- Assigning a Macro to a Shape / Graphic

-- Assigning a Macro to a Control


Running A Macro :

-- Running a Macro from View Tab

-- Running a Macro with Shortcut Key

-- Running a Macro through Quick Access Toolbar

-- Running a Macro in Custom Group

-- Running a Macro by Clicking an Object

-- Running a Macro from the Developer Tab

-- Running a Macro from VBA Editor


Macro Editor :

-- Copying a Macro Code

-- Renaming a Macro

-- Deleting a Macro


Debugging a Code :

-- VBA Debugging


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About the Teacher

About the Teacher

I am Manish Lamba (An Engineer & an MBA) from Aamchi Mumbai (the good old BOMBAY).
I have more than 13 years of Training Expertise & 8 + years of Corporate Experience.
All of my Training Experience is into Microsoft Suites, like MS Excel (Basic & Advanced - VBA & Macros) along with Entrance Exam Training (taking care of Quants / LR / DI / Verbal), with the latest tie-up with NM College (Mumbai).
I am also into Private Tutoring from 8th Std. till 12th For ISC, CBSE, SSC Boards - taking care of Maths, Science & English.
I am associated with ITM (Kharghar & Dombivili) for more than 3 years for their Excel & Advanced Excel Course - completed 14 batches (training on ADVANCED EXCEL - was always my major throughout my corporate tenure as well). My latest Association's would be Tata Motor's & Edelweiss Securities, where I have conducted Trainings for 3 Batches each and D. D. Vispute College (Panvel) - 40 Hour Course - for their students who were interested in learning Automation in EXCEL through MACROS.
I have also taken Courses in AMITY University - like Financial Modeling & Simulation, Business Statistics and Operational Research & Research Methods along with Behavioral & Soft Skills Training.
I am more inclined towards Online Training where the concepts can be taught more thoroughly through the use of Presentations. I was Associated with Mahesh Tutorials for their 11th Std. Robomate - Video Tutorials for many chapters in Maths.

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