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Cell Division and Cell Cycle

What is cell division? How it divides? What is cell cycle and importance of cell cycle? Cell cycle checkpoints Types of cell divisions Elaborate description of Mitosis and Meiosis and their importance.

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  • NCERT Biology book Class 11 A4 size pages, MCQ question bank for NEET


Cell Division: This is the process of producing daughter cells from parent cell. It is a kind of reproduction of cell.

Cell cycle: It is cyclical process through which a cell divides and produces new cells. 

Cell cycle follows 2 main phases- 1. Interphase       2. Metaphase

Description and detail study about each phase and events of thoses phases.

Cell cycle checkpoints, which maintains the cell cycle and controls cell division.

Importance of cell cycle and checkpoints.

Cell divisions are 4 types.

1. Amitosis

2. Binary fission

3. Mitosis

4. Meiosis

Phases of cell divisions- a. Cytokinesis, b. Karyokinesis; which follows 4 subphases Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase.

Events and elaborate process of cell division mainly Mitosis and Meiosis and their importance.

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About the Teacher

About the Teacher

I am a biology teacher for boards and NEET and teaching in this arena for 5years. The teaching of biology is not only a profession but also a passion for my life. I love to share the knowledge of this subject to my students. I personally think if we can connect all the topics of this subject we can feel and see the creation of mother nature. In this way of learning and connecting the topics of biology I help my students as a guide.

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